He walks me all the way from the beginning
When I had my first glance of the starry night
First taste of tears
First step in the journey called life

He is there for me
Always there
An umbrella too strong to be taken
By strong winds

I was proud of him
Of his wide shoulders
Of his warm embrace
Love, that is

Reality is a painful outcome
Realization is simply the process
Old days to realization to reality
It never stop I realized

He walks me all the way from the beginning
Sweet Sour Pain Spice
Looks normal feels right
In the hearts of two a cut boldly presents

The umbrella still stretches above me
Like a shadow, dark one
Struggles with the flame of anger
Is there a chance to?

I was once proud of him
For his love and warmth
Till the flame destroys it all
When the revelation begins and ends with tears