He walks me all the way from the beginning
When I had my first glance of the starry night
First taste of tears
First step in the journey called life

He is there for me
Always there
An umbrella too strong to be taken
By strong winds

I was proud of him
Of his wide shoulders
Of his warm embrace
Love, that is

Reality is a painful outcome
Realization is simply the process
Old days to realization to reality
It never stop I realized

He walks me all the way from the beginning
Sweet Sour Pain Spice
Looks normal feels right
In the hearts of two a cut boldly presents

The umbrella still stretches above me
Like a shadow, dark one
Struggles with the flame of anger
Is there a chance to?

I was once proud of him
For his love and warmth
Till the flame destroys it all
When the revelation begins and ends with tears


Life Philosophy

philo1My soul is the core essence of my existence as a unique living being
My mind is the interconnection with the worlds around me
My body is the carrier of my soul
My consciousness expands time by time
I am able to choose to expand it or reduce it
For I am responsible for what I learnt and what I have not learnt
There is no right or wrong
There is only acceptance or rejection
Within my possibilities I can explore on my own
Within my impossibilities I can explore with the help of others
I need to explore the world I live in together with the other
At the moment I pretend to know, I stop exploring
When I stop exploring I have given up on extending my knowledge and abilities

Cycle of Life

flower-wallpaper-flowerdrop-31577308-1024-768Nature has its moments of birth, life and death, construction and destruction. We are often saddened at the passing of life and its beauty, but keep in mind that this is the natural cycle of life. After mayhem has blown over, we shall bear witness as nature rejuvenates and blooms once again.


pathwayWe are here to guide you. Follow us. And you will see the great Truth. There are no lies, no mistakes, but doubts, but anger. Don`t walk away from us. Don`t leave us. We are here for you, as you were there for us. Never judge what you received, my child, for this simple touch, this loving kiss means everything, and could also mean nothing, if you ever choose to walk away from this pathway of Truth. Follow it with your Heart, with your Trust.


BlindedYears and years of culture

This forms your way of life

Never known who you really are

You are blinded from the Truth

Systems, Ways, Norms

Leads nowhere

When and how the broken windows could see Light

Seeing through the veil of Life

Is this your Destiny?

Is this my Destiny to be blindfolded by you?

Fear not

Said to my Self

For your eyes are blinded

Yet my Doors are covered by your bounded hands

Until Then

Until then ...The mission is on Fire

We could not let it be

Our Hearts are in pain

Who would be there to comfort Us?

We are the Great Army of Love and Light

We are the Guardians of the Rivers

We are the Caretakers of the Mountains

We are here looking after this beloved Land

We are selfless

Brave Ourselves into this firey Hell

We would not regret anything

As We serve this beautiful Land

The Blue Earth

How We missed It

But until then

Let us serve our Purpose

Let Us remind others that We are not alone

Let Us learn to Love

Until then …

I Don`t Remember

winter-solstice--summer-memories-max-buchheit-photographyI don`t remember, how beautiful you were,

I don`t remember, how many winters we have survived together,

I don`t remember, how important you were in my heart,

I don`t remember, what we have experienced together as One,

I don`t remember, your name …

Your touch …

Your Love …

Promise me never leave me

Because, if you do, I will be left …

Alone …

In this darkness …

Find me, 

Love me,

Remind me …

How much I loved you,

And how much you missed me.


All is Love, Love is All. Learn to love, and you will be loved. Hatred brings nothing but hatred itself, learn to forgive, and you will find yourself in the bright side. There is nothing to worry about, my child. You are here to experience it. We are watching you, we are guiding you. Everything is connected in love. Without love you would not be here. Without love everything is nothing, and nothing is everything. Believe it, follow it, never judge it and never fear it, for it is what makes you who you are.


Message From Lord Of Sirius, May 12, 2011

Message From Lord Of Sirius, May 12, 2011

Through Rev. Michelle Coutant

“Embrace Your Brothers And Sisters On Sirius…

Be The Impeccability Of Your Position As An Earth Keeper”

Beloved Ones,

You have reached a turning point, yet another blessed shift, in your quest for mastery. You have reached the point of light, the point where the light indeed is more powerful upon your planet than the darkness. It may not seem so, yet it is an illusion, as is this lifetime you are living. It is a very powerful illusion, one which you have each chosen so that you may experience the great gifts which you will receive, as you learn and incorporate your life lessons and tests.

Darkness is simply the absence of light, yet darkness brings fear and paralyzes you into inaction, a condition which is not conducive to your growth, it is not beneficial to you, to those around you and to all life and the earth. Fear feeds on fear and continues to add to the illusion of chaos and destruction, which you are all rising above. And indeed you are rising above it, dear ones. Know that this is so, within the very core of your beings. You are each a great divine being of light, how can it be any other than so? You are pure light, you are the light of God and there is no darkness within this light. This light is pure; it is teeming with adamantine particles. It is the light of all creation, just waiting for you to let it in. Let it flow dear ones, let it flow unimpeded, in your reality. Let it flow in through your crown chakra; let it flow to and through you, filling your field and every aspect and facet of you. Let it flow into mother earth, let it flow out to the planet and let it flow to all creation. Let this light shine as the bright and blessed being, this great divine being of light which you are.

Step forth into your mastery, dear ones, Greatness is but a heartbeat away. Greatness lies in your determination, your dedication, your perseverance, your great and burning desire to live God, to be God, to know and experience the light in every moment of your Now. This is greatness, this is who you are, each and every one of you. It is not for a chosen few, it is for every soul on this planet and every soul who is in the cycle of reincarnation for this planet. It is now that the ascension is near, that you are needed more than ever, to flow, be, and live this God Light, to be and shine your magnificent light in every now moment.

We, upon the shining light called Sirius, have been with you, since the inception of your incarnations upon your blessed planet earth. We have nurtured those who would hold the light even as your planet fell into darkness. We have assisted and been a way station for those who have continued in their dedication and determination to lift your planet up from the effluvia of the third dimension. We have been here with you, and hosted your blessed souls, assisting them in their learning process on the inner planes, as they have raised their consciousness to return to the fold of the family of light.

Sirius has been a way station in your universe, for those of the light, to visit, to incorporate their wisdom into the tapestry of life for those of you who are ready to have new wisdom, new teachings, which will assist your technology and your growth in all ways. It is wondrous, the assistance which has been offered by those of the Christed light, those who are so ready and willing to lend their assistance, to you and your beloved planet, as you ascend into the light.

Reach out to us, your brothers and sisters on Sirius. Go into meditation with the intention to connect with me, to connect with the blessed Christed beings of Sirius. Set your intention to connect with the blessed group vibration of the ascended masters. Sirius has been a gathering point, a way station for these blessed beings, who have delayed their progression and growth in the light, to assist you in yours. As you move more fully into the light, these blessed beings, will begin to make their focal point the planet earth. It is already happening, beloved ones. More and more, the ascended masters, the Council of Light, are gathering on your planet, as they once again, fully make Mt. Shasta, Shambhala, and other sacred sites their home. As crystalline activations are completed in the fullness of the diamond light, the Council of Light will once more take up residence in many sacred locations which have received the full light of the diamond crystalline vibration.

Go into meditation, allow yourselves to be open to receiving the vibration of a sacred site which will resonate with you. With this resonation, you will also feel the vibrations and resonation of the ascended masters associated with this sacred site. Add your light to the whole, dear ones; add your light to the fullness of the vibrations of the diamond light to assist the sacred sites into full consciousness. They too, are conscious, make no mistake. Just as your mother earth has consciousness, so do the sacred sites and nodes of power, through the added influence and continuity of the formation of particular grids and leylines which are most significant to each sacred site. Flow your light to the sacred site which resonates with you, dear ones. Flow your light and assist the coming into full consciousness and power of the diamond light, for this sacred site.

You are needed, each and every one of you. As you assist your beloved mother earth, embrace her in joy. You are each earth keepers, each and every one of you, as you agreed to be a steward and keeper of your earth and all life forms. Step into the impeccability of this position which you so lovingly and joyfully agreed to. Be with it, quietly, and ask for validation. Ask to feel the love of your earth, of these sacred sites you are to assist. Ask for the validation within your sacred heart; ask for the validation however it may come to you. And then let it be, dear ones, step into the fullness of your position as an earth keeper as you honor and nurture, and love and cherish your earth and all life forms.

Step into this impeccability dear ones, and you will find that you no longer desire to support those who would desecrate your beloved mother earth, in the pillaging of her resources. Your beloved planet will share her resources willingly with you, if you will only open your consciousness to the technology which is being offered to you. It is placed in the ethers for you to tap into. Do so now, beloved ones, do so and lift yourselves up and your planet, into the flow and synchronicity of abundance, which will begin to flow through you, as you make use of the new technology available to you. This technology will set you free, and it will honor your earth in gentle use of her resources.

We are with you in great love and assistance. We are a way station, a great center of learning for you, as you travel the inner planes. Visit us, visit our ascension seats, call on us. We are Christed beings, with you through eternity, celebrating with you, this blessed time of ascension.

I am Lord of Sirius.

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The Next Day

Everything changes. We realized this fact, this truth. The sleepers, how they sleep peacefully in their beautiful dreams. Mirror, mirror, what is real? The everyday cup of tea, or the endless fortune to dig? The dreams, how they love the dreams! But early in the next morning, the Sun shines, the wind blows, it is time, sleepers. Time for you to wake up, time for you to start a new day. We are there, we are always there. We are your eyes, see the brilliant light. We are your ears, listen!  Let us end the dreams, and let us see through the veil of life, the new day, the great truth!